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“The scene needs a path forward that isn’t just creating more hurt.”

galesofnovember did you know joe biel did an AMA?? it’s a fucking mess as you would expect. (via lonelyapron)

i have never seen an AMA with this many replies by the person doing it that have been downvoted enough that you have to click on the replies to see them 

amazing tbh 


OH YOU’RE MY FRIEND???? name 3 of my albums.

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justine. justine frischmann. out of elastica. who i used to go out with.



k what does “owning your sexuality” mean because honestly i’m confused.

well I can’t speak for the US but in  Britain you file a P028 form with your local council and then that gives you access to the deed for your sexuality which is essentially just a legal confirmation that you’ve taken ownership of it; this means you’re responsible for all administration, hiring and general overhead incurred while actively practicing in your county. honestly they’ve really streamlined the process in the last ten years or so, you basically just have to register changes in residence but other than that you’re golden


A thing that Green Day and Henry Rollins (and most white punk guys tbh) share is that they never emotionally matured past like age 18 because they were in an environment that rewarded their immature but passionate anger and negativity, so now you’ve got a whole generation of 40 year old white punks who are just embarrassments in everything they do