i think my favourite moment so far of having to explain ~british culture~ to casey was when i introduced her to the use of the word “glass” as a verb when i was telling a story about a friend of a friend

she was like “????? do british people break glasses over each others’ heads enough for it to warrant having its own word????” and my british friends who we were with at the time were like “…yep” 


liketheghost replied to your post: wait wait wait americans pls answer, d…

i don’t know the answer to this question but i do know that americans don’t have squash, and i feel that this is very #problematic

????? what do they drink when they don’t want to drink fruit juice but they don’t want to drink water either??

soda, basically????? i’m as baffled and outraged as you tbh, but i’ve learned to live with it idk there are still big parts of american culture that remains a great mystery to me

my dad bought a bunch of groceries before he left, so i won’t have to go food shopping for at least a few days, and i went to the store today and all i bought was beer, tobacco, and a couple of energy drinks and it has been a long time since i felt such an acute fear of being judged by the check-out guy you don’t know my life, bro

Anonymous said: My god I just saw someone with "baeddelborg" in their url say you were a racist misogynist. I'm so so sorry you have to deal with these mouthbreathers, hope you're alright and all this bullshit tumblr conflict doesn't get you down

lol omg that’s the person who reblogged two of my posts twice the other day just to, i guess, make sure their followers know how SUPER PROBLEMATIC i am - one of them being the one where i was like “yo, can we have some fucking respect for the fact that harvey milk was SHOT IN THE FUCKING HEAD” which they tagged something like “lol you mean that republican white asshole” 

i don’t even have it in me to engage with people like that, tbh. i’m pretty sure the “racist” thing is a reference to that time a few months ago when i argued that birth sex does in fact impact your upbringing/life and that identity isn’t everything, and that kid who invented the term “princex” (i think? or is it prinxe?) called me a “settler colonialist” for my “western ideas about gender”. in other words, these people are all in the running for an olympic gold medal in reaching. it gets frustrating sometimes, especially when i get a lot of their reblogs/anons at once, but for the most part it’s just too absurd to get to me. 

and ty for your message, anon! it’s nice to know i’ve got ppl in my corner :) 


this is my aesthetic


this is my aesthetic

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some of you might want to look to this lesbian couple from the documentary i’m watching for #aesthetic and #lifestyle inspiration, just casually hanging out on a sidewalk table with a cat, nbd 

some of you might want to look to this lesbian couple from the documentary i’m watching for #aesthetic and #lifestyle inspiration, just casually hanging out on a sidewalk table with a cat, nbd 

"female genitalia" in the streets, "dick" in the sheets, is what i’m saying

Anonymous said: do you see any merit in the term "dmab/dfab genitalia"? like, i get how a trans person, who is currently very dysphoric, yet still has to talk about their genitals, could benefit from it. on the other hand, it's very close to tucutes' "penis is female! kthxbai, lol", because instead of transitioning hormonally and/or surgically, you just need to "reassign" the gender of your genitalia by calling it a different name.

short answer: no, and i think the tumblr/trans activist tendency towards refusing to refer to penises as male genitalia and vaginas as female genitalia is actively damaging, because it ends up being used as part of the idea that “dfab” and “dmab” are somehow just arbitrarily assigned categories and that physical sex - and subsequently sex based socialisation - means nothing. 

slightly longer answer: no, and as above, but i do understand the need for some trans people to deal with their dysphoria by renaming their genitalia as a way of trying to manage their dysphoria in private. i don’t think there has to be a contradiction between the two; it can absolutely be painful to have to talk about your body and your genitalia as “female” when you are a man, but i think part of learning to have a healthy relationship with your body and with your reality as a trans person is to be able to come to terms with the biological reality of your body at whatever stage in transition you’re at. 

i mean [TMI ALERT! sorry!] i might refer to my clitoris as a dick in private, and it’s kind of half joking and kind of half not, but that doesn’t change the fact that it very much is literally a clitoris and not a penis. i don’t think there is any contradiction between my feeling more comfortable referring to it as a dick and recognising that i do have female genitalia, however much i wish i didn’t. 

basically this is the sort of thing where our personal coping mechanisms as trans people dealing with body parts that cause our dysphoria don’t make for the greatest political strategies. i see no merit to insisting that people refer to male and female genitalia respectively as “dmab” and “dfab” genitalia - and in fact i think it’s actively bad, if anything - but in private you gotta do what you gotta do, you know?